Date Event Type of Event
10th April 2022 Opening Run Competitive
24th April 2022 St. George's Day Run (LAC) Non-Competitive
7th May 2022 Fellsman Rally (LAC) Competitive
16th - 20th May 2022 Eden Valley Holiday  
5th June 2022

Red Rose Ramble

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12th June 2022 60th Manchester to Blackpool Run (LAC) Non-Competitive
14th June 2022

Scatter Rally (LAC)

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9th July 2022 Coast to Coast Run Non-Competitive
12th July 2022 Bleasdale Bash Competitive
21st August 2022 Hot Pot Rally Competitive
28th August 2022 Driving Tests Competitive
1st - 2nd October Autumn Leaves Run Non-Competitive
TBC Southport Classic & Speed Run Non-Competitive
6th - 9th October LAC Borders Tour  
23rd October 2022 Autumn Trial Competitive
TBC Presentation Dinner  

PDVCC Club Championships will be based on members performance on 5 out of 6 of the competitive events, excluding the Fellsman Rally.

Midweek runs are scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month.